Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good Bye, Pink Shorts

I have lost darn near 50 pounds, and my clothes are very loose, but nothing that I could say "I'll get rid of this and go down a size." Part of this is because I have always worn my clothes a bit loose, and also because I started buying a lot of clothes with elastic and spandex, so it's still fitting nicely, versus when it was a little (or a lot) tight. Frankly, one of my main reasons for joining Weight Watchers was that I had a bunch of gift cards to Catherine's, and I bought a lot of new clothes in January, and by April they barely fit.

And, frankly, I'm stingy. I hate to throw out or get rid of things that I perceive have a lot of wear in them. Many of the soles of my shoes have the treads worn off or completely through. I wear holey underwear until it falls apart. (TMI, I know, I know.) Clothing that has paint on it goes into the "chore day" pile. Other stains goes into the "still got some wear, I can probably work out or do housework in it" pile. I heat my pens to get the last drops of ink out of them. I turn bottles of soap, shampoo, detergent, ketchup upside down to get every last drop out of them...

So it is killing me that the time has come to say goodbye to my first article of clothing that is still in really good shape, almost perfect in fact: my pink shorts.

I am sad to say goodbye to the pink shorts. I got them on sale at the Avenue for $7 back in May. When I bought them, I could barely get them on and buttoned and zipped--they were really, really tight.

By the time the first 20 was gone, I was able to wear the pink shorts to my sister's wedding rehearsal and dinner, and they were my most comfortable pair and I loved the color. "Pink is mah signature color."

But tonight, I was doing my nightly fitness ritual with Mr. Simmons on the TV and the General on the treadmill and as I lunged, my shorts suddenly decided they preferred the company of my ankles. Yes, they fell right the heck off.

*Sigh* I love a comfy piece of clothing and I love, love, love me a bargain. But I can't be strolling around with my shorts falling off. Well, maybe I could, it would surely make life much more interesting.

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Melissa said...

Very cool!:)

Maybe a belt would extend their life a little?