Friday, October 31, 2008

Early Weigh-In

I weighed in today to outwit the damage that will surely be done at the Melting Pot's Halloween par-tay this evening. And I'm glad I did! 1.2 pounds gone for an even 46 pounds off the bod.

I switched back to doing Richard Simmons this week. I was really hitting the step aerobics hard on the Wii Fit and my knee has been acting up. This led me to the conclusion that I needed to take it easy on all the step aerobics, so I decided to go back to Sweatin'. And really, Sweatin' is a lot more fun than up down up down up down for 20 solid minutes. Although I was proud of myself--1600 steps is your 20 minute goal, and I've broken 2000 every single time and broken 2200 three times. Still, my knee needs a rest and I can modify the Sweatin routine a little bit to avoid all the lunges and kneeling.

Michael keeps lecturing me about November. Why? Last year, November was when we fell off the exercise wagon. With NaNo, I got so busy in the evenings that I didn't exercise. Plus, we were eating take out pretty much non-stop. This year, my goal is to make some big meals--big pots of chili, spaghetti sauce, etc. to have at the ready. I will also set aside time to do the exercising. If I can take an hour to watch Pushing Daisies, by God I can take 40 minutes to sweat my increasingly smaller butt off!

So that's the news from here. We opened our Halloween candy today at lunch time, which was a mistake. How can a Kit Kat taste so good? I had to stop myself, I could have eaten the whole bag. But I only ate 2. I'm going to be very generous with the kids tonight--the candy has to go!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good-bye 43!

Well, I have finally done it. I got past the dreaded number 43, with a loss of 1.2 this week for a total of 44.8 pounds gone. After seeing 43 no fewer than 3 times in my last 4 weigh ins, I was getting mighty sick of that number.

Still, sometimes when I was getting discouraged I would sit back and say "I've lost 43 pounds." And then I would say, "HOLY CRAP! I'VE LOST 43 POUNDS!!!!" It really did hit me a few times in the past couple weeks just how much that is.

Lose for Good is over. Our center lost 3200+ pounds and gathered up 1400+ pounds in food for the food bank, which is really cool.

It's been a busy weekend. We baked all day yesterday--cookies, cake, homemade donuts, and fudge. It's all packaged up and I'll be setting out a little spread at work on Monday. I feel morally superior that I only ate 2 cookies and a donut whole. But that's only because there were chips and dip and Chinese food to be eaten. But I don't think I slipped too badly anyway. :-)

So this week has a couple of land mines built in--Pizza Hut on Monday and the Melting Pot on Friday. I've decided to weigh in on Friday this week instead of Saturday, so that I won't have to worry about it on Saturday morning after a night of wicked indulgence.

See you all next week.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Small Loss

Well, I am back under my pre-gain weight. I lost a scant 0.6 this week, for a total loss of 43.6 pounds in 21 weeks. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in this result--this week I really burned it up where exercise was concerned, but I wasn't tracking as closely as I could have been.

I really want to see that 50 pounds gone, so I'm going to definitely step it up with tracking and activity this week. We'll see how they read next weekend!

Also, if everyone could send me an updated figure for your 2008 loss for the sidebar, I would appreciate it. I've lost track of who has lost what :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mostly Gone

Had a nice little bounce back from last week's 2.2 lb. gain. I got rid of 1.8 of it. I'm very happy with this result, considering it came after 2 potlucks and my in-laws' visit (I made homemade apple crisp--YUMMY!), which I am still in the midst of. This brings my total loss to exactly 43 pounds gone. Feels great.

This weekend is fraught with peril. Today is the Russian Festival, which I go to every year. Tonight we are taking the inlaws out to seafood for their birthdays, anniversary, etc. Tomorrow is book club.

Still, I think I will do pretty well. The book club is folding and only 3 or 4 of us will be attending, so there shouldn't be TOO much food available. I've started really putting myself on a schedule this week. Breakfast, snack between 10 and 11, lunch, snack between 4 and 5, dinner, snack between 8 and 9. I'm trying to regulate better, rather than binging 3 times a day. And I have to say, I've felt much better.

Also, discovered a new type of apple that is to-die-for: honeycrisp. I've never had these apples before, but they are SO good. A little tart, a little sweet, very crisp. Try them! It's like eating apple cider.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Gain

Well, it was bound to happen, I had my first real gain this week: 2.2 lbs. They asked me if I was prepared for this, and the truth was, no, I am not.

I had a hell of a week. I got a minimum of 4 AP's every single day, which is their recommended number. Two days (Saturday and Thursday) I had way more than that. I was very strict with points, and stayed within my daily number every day.

So what happened?

Well, my speculations are these:

I had 3 weeks of really, really good losses. 4+ lbs. twice and nearly 2 pounds the other week. During those 3 weeks, my AP's were way down and I didn't track all that closely. I knew I was within range, so I didn't keep close track.

I'm guessing that this week is a bodily reaction to really "getting with the program". Kind of a hit-the-brakes type of thing from a very confused system which doesn't like radical change.

My other theory is that I've now been on the pill for 2 straight weeks and maybe it has something to do with that. I've come to this conclusion from Amy's blog about her experiences with her patches. If this turns out to be the case, I'm going to kiss the pill goodbye and go back to dealing with it. But I'll take a full course of it over the next 3 months to be sure.

So anyway, I'm going to continue to track carefully and do my 4 AP's per day and just keep at it as best I can and hope this week was a fluke. I thought I would be majorly bent out of shape about it, but I'm not. I was more upset by that .1 gain a few weeks ago.