Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just What I Needed!

So I took 2 weeks off, basically. I was so unhappy about that 2 pound gain two weeks ago that I just decided to take a break. I didn't track, I kept on exercising and was careful within reason--you do kind of get a feel for what you can eat after a while. But I also did things like I ate a Cadbury egg just because... And last night for dinner I ate a piece and a half of pizza that I wasn't planning on because I wanted it.

So I weighed in this morning fully expecting a gain and even told the receptionist that I was there to find my new starting point. I do feel re-energized and ready to attack it fresh, but I did need those two weeks off.

And guess what? I lost 4 pounds!!! Yes, that is a two week total, but still, that's a great drop! I am now at my lowest weight in probably 10 years. I can hardly believe it. I hope to lose 0.8 or more this week to get another 5 pound star, but I'm feeling good. I really didn't think I'd have a good loss this week, but there it is.

This week presents challenges. Today we're heading to meet our birthmom and treat her to the Cheesecake Factory (finally what we all decided on--but we'll hit Sabatino's while we're up there waiting for permission to come home). Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend for lunch and we're doing Carlos O'Kelly's. Monday is book club. But I feel confident that I can get it done. After all, look what I accomplished without trying? Time to get back on the horse, track, weigh, measure, and see what's what!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Runnin' Out of Steam

I gained 2.2 this week. Still with a loss of 60.2, which is great. But I'm runnin' out of steam. I'm tired of thinking about what I eat. I sat at the meeting Saturday and thought, "Do I really give a damn if what I have is steamed with butter?" when we were discussing how to eat at restaurants without getting a pile of calories.

I need a shake up. I need to regain that desire to achieve. Because right now, I just want to tuck into a big peanut butter cup sundae at Friendly's and not feel like killing myself with aerobics and guilt afterwards.

I'll be seeing Annette this weekend, so I'm hopeful that seeing her will kickstart my drive again! My new card for the month arrived yesterday, so I guess I'm in it till March, anyway :-)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

I lost another pound this week for a total of 62.4 pounds gone. This was an accomplishment. I did a LOT of stress eating yesterday, which I hated myself for, but was necessary. I got a stern lecture from the General about it too. Hence why I did all the mad exercising yesterday to make up for it--5300+ steps on Wii Fit step aerobics plus 28 minutes with Monsieur Simmons.

I also had book club this week, which is always a major chow festival. I missed Sarah being there, but was glad her cookies weren't there to tempt me!! I ate a huge piece of cake anyway, but tempered it with fruit on the side. :-)

But actually, I enjoyed the aerobics in the morning. So this week I'm going to try doing the steps for 20 minutes in the morning and then the aerobics with the mister in evening.

The water thing is going pretty well. I haven't been able to totally wean myself from Cherry Coke Zero--I still have one a day, but at least I'm not drinking 4 or 5 a day. The water is presenting the new and interesting problem of me having to pee all the time though. The other day I couldn't make it from VDOT on Rte 17 to the Rte 3 exit, which is all of 3 miles. I had to pull over and use the new welcome center here in Fredericksburg. But at least I got to check it out and it was pretty nice, actually.

So that's it for this week. We'll see where next week leads us. Congrats to Annette who is in the double digits to go before reaching goal and who is starting her leader training!!!