Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Runnin' Out of Steam

I gained 2.2 this week. Still with a loss of 60.2, which is great. But I'm runnin' out of steam. I'm tired of thinking about what I eat. I sat at the meeting Saturday and thought, "Do I really give a damn if what I have is steamed with butter?" when we were discussing how to eat at restaurants without getting a pile of calories.

I need a shake up. I need to regain that desire to achieve. Because right now, I just want to tuck into a big peanut butter cup sundae at Friendly's and not feel like killing myself with aerobics and guilt afterwards.

I'll be seeing Annette this weekend, so I'm hopeful that seeing her will kickstart my drive again! My new card for the month arrived yesterday, so I guess I'm in it till March, anyway :-)


Beth Johnson said...

Hang in there. You have come so far and you would really regret it later if you stopped now.

Keep the good work, find a new motivation and PRESS ON!!!


Emtifah said...

That happened to me last year. My advice - stick with the program, but give yourself a mental rest.

You are doing awesome.

Talmadge Gleck said...

What Miz Em said.

You need a weekend to recharge. And I happen to know just the place to do it, too.

Sounds like I gave you two of those pounds. Sorry. :-/

Have a big ol' honkin' Friendly's orgy, consider yourself satisfied, and then get back on the wagon. You're doing wonderfully, and we're eager to see the change.

But yeah, I do know the frustration.

See you folks Friday!

nettiemac said...

Oh girlfriend, there are times it is so maddeningly frustrating. I hit that last fall, when I hovered around that one number for what seemed like forever. I was angry, I was sad, I was nonchalant sometimes (on some weeks I just didn't care), but mostly I decided that I wasn't going to let those pounds beat me.

The challenge was on, and for me, what helped was just having one meal where points didn't matter .... just taste and pleasure. I lost 3 that next week. Now whether the actual food helped or just the de-stressing, I don't know....

And sometimes shaking up the exercise routine helps; I know you're doing Wii Fit ... have you heard of FitDeck? It's a deck of cards with different exercises that you can do in a variety of situations. A friend of mine whose hubby is a Marine told me about them because he uses them when he's out on deployment. I ordered myself a couple of sets (Travel and Office) for days that I can't get anything else in.

It may sound trite, but I *know* you can persevere, and I know you can triumph. One thing my leader said so often in those early days, "You can fall off the wagon, but don't let the wagon roll over you." So we'll pick you up this weekend, Missy, and surround you with love and strength and determination, and whatever it is you need to keep on keepin' on!!!! MWAAAAAAAH!