Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's the Weekend Weigh In Report

This weekend had just a small loss, -0.4. It is totally my fault. I am slowing down on this WW thing and losing my enthusiasm. It's week 7 with a weight loss in the 40's and that's kind of bringing me down a bit. I was putting a lot of work into WW, and this past couple of weeks, I just haven't. I've been tired of tracking and counting and weighing and measuring. The program clearly works--46.4 pounds in 6 months is nothing short of a miracle. I'm just not in a good place right now and with everything else going on in life, I just got it into my head that I could sort of fudge it and it would come out OK.

Well, ultimately it did, I lost nearly a half a pound. And the attitude of "I'll take anything with a minus sign" is truly a good one--I will and happily.

However, when I trudged home, it was time for a pep talk, and my husband gave me a doozy. I'm in his army now, and by God, he's not letting me quit! This was the first weekend I didn't just let it go and figure I'd worry about it on Monday. Every time we had a meal and it was over, I'd hear, "Did you put your points in?" Although I was busy with NaNo, I did my aerobic workout anyway, with him cheering me on.

I also read one of the passages from "A Shot in the Arm", which came with my deluxe new member kit. And the woman's friend said something to her along the lines of, "Look what you're doing with no effort at all. Imagine if you started working at this."

So that has stuck with me. While the past 6 months haven't been no effort, I can say for the past month, I've just kind of slid along. So this week I am renewing my committment to this project and hope that I see some results soon.

Also, the great Seasonale experiment turned into a failure, so I am going back off the pills. That may make a difference. Here's hoping.

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