Monday, August 25, 2008

Late Weigh In Report

Well, I had a real busy weekend, so I didn't have time to report in on my WW efforts for the week. I was kind of dreading going this week, thinking maybe I had gained a bit. In fact, I had a slight gain of 0.1, which the leader told me is basically nothing--if I went to the bathroom it would erase itself. So it's my first gain, but not one that I am worried about in the least.

This was a relief-the Wii Fit had me up and down all week, which is kind of interesting but definitely nerve wracking. I've stopped looking at the scale on it, and I hate weighing in on it, because it just shows a climb and a drop, a climb and a drop. I'd rather not know, frankly.

So I'm trying to be good and careful, but this is my birthday weekend which means CARVEL cake (mmmmmm) and my dad is visiting, so we had to get some donuts. I had two points left for dinner last night, so I basically ate some veggies and light ranch dip. But what the hell. It's only food.

So that's the latest. I am down 30.6 instead of 30.7 and I can live with that. Back on the wagon today and hope to stay on it. I didn't actually go over points this weekend, but if I miscalculated anything in the slightest, it would put me into 35-extra land, so I'm trying to be extra careful during this week.

Hope everyone else has a great week!

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Talmadge Gleck said...

Just remember, the 35 fruits of the "Extraland" tree are there for the picking.

(and a reminder to all of you that I have moved weigh-in night from Monday to Wednesday)