Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekly Report

Well, since I had a loss today, I am reporting in early :-) I credit this week's 2 pound loss to the new DVD. That thing makes me work it, while at the same time having fun. The added bonus is that it's exactly the same amount of time as the General is on the treadmill, so we start and finish at the same time and can sit on the couch and groan together. Fun!

I am now down 54.8, so it maybe sucks just a little bit that I didn't hit 55 this week, but oh well! Next week.

I can hardly believe it's December and I'm actually losing. It has helped tremendously that I'm not baking yet--this is often my baking weekend. No Christmas goodies or snacks around, though, so that's been helpful.

I'm trying to think of a goal that I want to hit after I hit my 60 pound goal, which was my post-10% goal. 75 is the next logical step. I just need a deadline. Maybe by our anniversary in April, but that seems a bit far in the future. Still, one never knows what will happen, so it might be good to plan it like that.

I want to put in a plug for those new Progresso soups which have WW points values on the label. Yesterday I got home, and I knew I was short on points, but I wanted a snack, so I grabbed a zero point soup and ate half the can (one serving). It did a great job of a) filling me up and b) warming me up. I'm stocking up on them--lots of coupons, so we can get lots of soup!

Till next week...


Talmadge Gleck said...

I like the Progresso 'light' chicken noodle soup -- 2 points per can (yes, I'll eat the whole thing), making for a handy 5-point lunch if I use no more than 15 crackers ... I've always liked crunching them into my soup).

Congrats, both to you and to ALL of us for making 250 pounds.

--Talmadge "My wife and I have now dropped more than 100 together!!" Gleck

Kate/Susan said...

I eat mine with a PB&J uncrustable--a full can of veggie soup and a PB&J clocks in at 6 points and keeps me going for a long time! The only downside to them is that they are very salty, and I've never been one for salt. But the PB&J sweetens it up some, so that's what matters, ultimately.

Yup, congrats to all of us on the loss crew! :-) Especially since we didn't all start in January, that is something to really crow about!