Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Slight Uptick on the Scale

This week, I am late in posting. I always hate posting on the weeks I have a slight gain, or any gain, for that matter, not that this one was anything worth crying over. I went up 0.2, which in WW land is akin to maintaining.

I suspect it happened on account of the fact that last week was so nuts. There were 3 days I didn't get to do any exercise at all apart from the day-to-day stuff of shopping and wandering around per my usual routine. This has been drastically remedied this week, however.

After a long time of Sweatin' to the Oldies, I decided it was time to trade it in on a newer model, so I pulled out my DVD of 60's Blast Off. I could about fall asleep while I was "Sweatin'" and I figured it wasn't giving me as good of a work out as it could any more. When I started Sweatin' 53 pounds ago, it was a struggle. I couldn't even do the entire DVD, fast forwarding through the Wipe Out section, which involved a lot of running and hopping and skipping. 53 pounds later, however, not only can I do the entire DVD, but I'm not breaking a sweat doing it.

Enter 60's Blast Off. Richard has traded in his Yale wifebeater and candy cane striped shorts for hot pink and sparkles. And he's taken the exercise up a notch. This DVD is much shorter--only about 30 minutes. But it is an intense 30 minutes. By the time it's over, I am sweating and am really out of breath. However, it is actually FUN and I feel like I'm a coordinated dancer type when I do it. I think it's probably giving me good results, though I won't know till Saturday. So I'm excited to do that.

I'm also excited to note that this week, the General has been consistently breaking 1 mile on his treadmill. Yesterday was his personal best at 1.06 miles in 26 minutes. When we started, he couldn't do but 5 minutes before collapsing. And for a long time, he's been stuck at .95 miles. So this is a big step and I'm really proud of the work he's putting into it!

Ok, see you all on Saturday!

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nettiemac said...

Um, I didn't help the push to 250.... I too went up 0.2. But that's okay -- we'll beat this thing next week!!!!

And I'm proud of you & the General for the hard work with activity!!!

Word verify: grappe -- isn't that a type of wine or something? Or a blender setting? Or was that the old name for influenza? I forget!