Saturday, September 13, 2008


It was a big week for me this week--three awards in one week. :-)

First of all, I removed 4.4 pounds this week. After it took 3 weeks to lose 1.9, I am totally shocked that I lost that much at once--and of course THRILLED.

This put me down 37.0 pounds total and put me WELL past my 10% goal. Plus I got my 16 weeks clapping hands.

To celebrate, we're going tubing this morning in Antietem. I'm so, so happy that I had a good week this week!!!


Talmadge Gleck said...

Good things happen in twos, it seems.

Add my clapping hands to the mix ... here's hoping your good luck this week will rub off on me, and I'll get to hit -40 Wednesday night - two weeks early (only 1.8 to go!)

Beth Johnson said...

On the Biggest Loser after the weight in they allow the constants to have anything they want to eat the following day. They say it jump starts your body again to losing. Maybe going to the "Melting Pot" was just the ticket.

I had a friend who did WW and each Saturday after her weight in she ate anything she wanted for lunch.


Emtifah said...

That is so Awesome Susan!!!

You are doing so great. I'm so proud of you.

Since starting anti-depressants - I've been fighting the 5 pounds between 20-25 pounds. It's very aggrevating. I finally decided to buy myself a Wii Fit though. I hope it arrives soon.

You are very inspiring.

Talmadge Gleck said...

I had a friend who did WW and each Saturday after her weight in she ate anything she wanted for lunch.



Well, now that we're weighing in at the WW center in Savannah on Wednesday nights, we've been eating next door at that emporium of haute and healthy cuisine, Ci Ci's.

I typically quasi-fast on weigh-in day (i.e. today). Popcorn (4) plus two Gorton's baked fish filets (4 total), for a total of 8 points prior to 6 PM. I've tried to save 10 weekly points alongside the 30 dailies, to give me 40 to spend on the Ci Ci's orgy.

Not that I really need jump-starts at this point, but now I wonder what kind of effect just eating pizza without counting points and "settling for balance due."

(this is getting dangerous; now I might want to eat at Ryan's or ... *gulp* ... Golden Corral)

PS to Emily - Glad your setback didn't set you back too badly.

Kate/Susan said...

I definitely always eat whatever I feel like on the weekends. Usually it doesn't amount to anything substantially over my points and only once did I have a week where I went WAAAAAAAY over and even went over my weekly points. This week I'm being careful--back to measuring, weighing food, etc.--and I seem to be stuck again. I did get a LOT of exercise today, so we'll see what the scale says.

The General is starting to backslide, so tomorrow I gotta hit the aerobics in the basement again! Can't have my man falling off the wagon. :-)