Saturday, September 27, 2008

Look Out, Mr. Gleck

I have caught up to you, Sir. :-)

By some miracle, I managed to have a nearly 5 pound loss this week--4.8 pounds. This was my best week ever, which I cannot understand given that I a) did not track 3 days; b) had pretty much whatever I wanted within reason; and c) didn't get a lot of trackable exercise.

I am now in the 200's for the first time in 2 1/2 years, that I can remember. I have no intention of ever seeing the 300's again. When I started out, I weighed 340 pounds on the dot, and when I saw that number, I thought I would faint. But that's what comes from lots of bad decision making, depression, and lack of activity.

I now weigh 296.6 and I hope to never come close to the 300 mark again. But the numbers have lost their power over me, which is why I am publicizing the numbers. I don't want to be ashamed of it and hiding, sneaking Twinkies in the dark. And coming from where I started from, I am proud to weigh 296.6. I never even considered the possibility I would lose 43.4 pounds so easily. I mean, yes, it's been work, but in the grand scheme of things, it hasn't been any harder than packing on 20 pounds earlier this year by laying in bed, crying and eating.

Onwards and downwards. Let's see if I can hit 50 pounds by mid-October.


niblet81 said...

hi ho, as in seven dwarfs, not as in you hussy you. this is heather campbell

anyway, you are doing an amazing job. i need to get back on the wagon myself. i've gained 75 lbs since being with my partner, we're very bad influences on each other. damn our love of food and use of it as comfot. I got down to the 100's before we met for the first time since....early hs probably. 175, it felt amazing.

i'd love to follow along with ya. :) i love our wii. i was wondering how the fit would be for anyone of size, glad to hear it's a worthy investment.

niblet81 said...

hey kate, i wondered if you would delete my previous comment to this post i'm trying to clean up the internet so my name and online usernames aren't linked and this is one thing that pops up because i said my name. thanks in advance.