Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Post WW Physical

Today, the General and I had our annual physicals with our doctor.

I should state, for those who don't know, that I absolutely, completely, and totally love my doctor. For anyone who wants a new doctor in the DC area, go see Dr. David Leonard in Fairfax on Old Lee Highway. He makes it worth the 60-90 minute ride up there. I will not go anywhere else. I love everyone in his practice.

So anyway, today was my first physical or even my first medical appointment since joining Weight Watchers. I was pretty excited about it, because I knew I had done pretty well since joining.

What I didn't expect was the gushing reviews from Dr. Leonard after a scant 38 pound loss. He complimented me on how great I looked, how much I'd lost, and how well I was doing. He complimented me on my exercise regime, asked me lots of questions about Wii Fit, it was wonderful!

And the best part?


My blood pressure is back to normal!!!!!!!!!!

It's been elevated a bit for 2 years, and today, it was 120/76. Hot diggity dog! Good bye 130/90. :-) I'm back in business, baby! Let's hear it for non-scale victories!


Talmadge Gleck said...

Awe to the some!

That's one (very, very big) thing I'm looking forward to: my next visit to the doctor. To step on that scale and see the nurse's eyes bug out. And, yes, the compliments from the doctor herself.

Yeah, I'm a little excited.

(Oh, and another -2 tonight. We gotta get some supper, but afterward I'll blog about it)


Emtifah said...


That is huge. Good work!

Plus don't you feel like you are on such the cutting edge when the doctor is asking you about the Wii.
Love it.