Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Slight Uptick

So I went up 0.4 this week and I think I know why.

Today's meeting was about moving more. And Vicki, our group leader, said we should be shooting for 1-4 AP's per day, 5 days per week. And if we're getting more than that, we should be eating those points to keep our metabolism fueled.

Well, this week I was damned determined to get my 1.2 pounds gone. And so I very carefully tracked and exercised the hell out of this week. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I earned 10 AP's each. And I didn't eat any of my AP's. Or my 35 weekly points this week either come to think of it.

After those last really good weigh ins, I think the bod is in shock. My 'bad' knee is killing me from all the steps--yesterday I did an estimated 3400 steps in 3 ten-minute blocks, and I did 30 minutes of steps the previous two days, so I'm totally destroyed.

I'm going to go back to taking it a little easier with the AP's and continuing to track. We'll see what happens next week! 1.6 to go :-)

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