Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'll Take It, But I Don't Have to Like It

So, this week I needed to lose one stupid pound to get to 60. And guess what? I didn't. I lost 0.6. Zero Point Six! DANGIT! This sucks!

Yeah, I'm kinda cheesed. I mean, at least I didn't go up, and on the heels of last week's good loss, I kinda thought I'd have less of a loss this week to make up for it, but 0.6!? That's the best my metabolism could do? It couldn't stretch out another lousy four tenths?

Oh well, I'll be celebrating next week instead. This was a hard week--I just read Annette's blog and she said she was hungry this week. Well, so was I. I dipped into the M&Ms on the counter and the Hershey kisses. And I got seriously into oatmeal raisin cookies this week. Why? I dunno, but they tasted really good to me.

Another habit I've noticed that I have is that when I get home and I'm starting to make dinner, I have to eat. I just sit there and snack while I'm cooking. I know full well that dinner will be in x number of minutes, but I'm snacking. So I'm going to try and find something healthy to snack on, since I don't seem able to break that habit--some veggies or something.

Yesterday being in the car so long (I logged 256 miles yesterday--is that ridiculous or what?!), as I was driving home, I was completely exhausted. I stopped over at Sheetz to pick up a caffienated beverage and I got some Sunchips as well, since I hadn't eaten since 11:00 and it was 5:30. I guesstimated correctly the points in the Sunchips, but definitely needed to do more planning, as I wound up with a 0 point soup and salad for dinner. Those soups are actually pretty filling, but watching my husband sink his teeth into a chicken cutlet sandwich made the soup seem like a poor second choice.

Well, we'll see what happens this week. No book club, which should help, as should being able to exercise daily! However, with the 4 day weekend, I'm cooking at least 3 and possibly 4 countries this weekend, so that may well stunt things a bit. We'll see!

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