Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here's How I KNOW He's On Board

Michael came home tonight and said, "Susan, do you realize it has been exactly one week since I've eaten any french fries?"

Anyone who knows him knows that's saying something!

I'm doing worse with using up the points. Tonight I left 8 on the table. I made some popcorn tonight to enjoy with LOST and I thought when I calculated it, it would come up at least a point, but no, it came up zero. Fitting, since it had zero flavor really.

So screw it. For now, as long as I don't go over, I'm not going to worry too much about falling short. 8 is a lot of points to leave behind, the most I've left behind previously is 2.5. It's just been one of those days. And my dinner was relatively light--I was delighted to discover that Hebrew Nationals 97% fat free hot dogs are only a point each. Unless you double up, in which case they are 2.5. So I did, but no buns. Looking back, maybe I should have eaten some buns. I dunno. I got a LOT of water in today. I probably drank 3 times the water as any other day this week.

Anyway, I didn't exercise tonight, I'm not feeling very well, so that makes up for it. Or so I tell myself.

Tomorrow is my last day before the big weigh in. I'm a bit nervous and hopeful. If I don't see some sort of a loss on the scale, I'll be devastated. But I think I probably will--my shorts are already slightly more comfortable. :-)

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