Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy 75!

So this morning I was sitting around and I decided to get on Wii Fit and see what the numbers were looking like. I wasn't too hopeful, but I wanted to see, since I knew this weekend is going to be a minefield of food related issues. Notably lunch today with a friend, dinner out with my sister for a book signing, lunch out tomorrow with a friend, and dinner at Elizabeth's house tomorrow night. But also, we are shuffling Leah off for an overnight with her cousin Friday night, and I just knew how much I would like to sleep in a little bit. (although I probably won't sleep a wink wondering what's going on!)

So I hopped on Wii Fit and the numbers showed a decline of 1.1 pounds. It showed an overall drop of a couple pounds since my last weigh in on 5/30, when I went up 1.4 pounds and decided "SCREW WEIGHT WATCHERS!" (to be fair, we weren't in town last week for my weigh in, since we went to Rhode Island)

So I thought I'd go today. I thought I'd at least get back to 74 pounds and then on the following Saturday I could go again and hopefully hit 75.

So I packed Leah up real quick and we headed over to the center and barely made it in time for the meeting. I stepped on the scale and it showed a 3.8 pound loss for a total of exactly 75 pounds. I was like, "No way!" I mean, seriously, I was SHOCKED.

So I decided to stay and celebrate and get my 75 pound award. This time last year, I attended a Thursday morning meeting and HATED it--it was a huge group and a lot of real chatterboxes taking over the meeting. So I was stunned when I walked in and the room was almost empty. Of the 15 or so people who were there, there were 2 new moms and everyone else was in the 55+ crowd. A woman sat next to me and we got chattering about Leah and stuff and it turned out that her motivation has been flagging. She lives near us on this side of town and we got talking about how we could be motivation buddies for each other, and it just felt so nice to have support bang! right off the bat like that. I've been attending on Saturdays for a year and never once has anyone ever said hello to me.

So the meeting started and it started off with celebrations. When I got my 75 pound award, the place went crazy. It was awesome! The leader, Bobbie, said "This girl has gotten rid of Nicole Richie off her body!" Hilarious! :-)

The meeting was great--everyone, including me, participated in the discussion about getting exercise for free. I really liked Bobbie's style of leadership. When it was over, another lady came over to chat about Leah and Bobbie came over too and we all started gabbing about a million things while Leah contentedly slurped at a bottle and was adored.

Long story short, I'm switching to the Thursday 10:30AM meeting. For one thing, Saturdays at 6:30 just really aren't an option for me any more. It's too early and I'm too tired. I've also been using Saturdays as an excuse not to track or do anything over the weekends, and then the weekends slowly extend themselves into the weekdays, and then it's Wednesday and I'm all "Crap! I have to weigh in in 3 days" and panicking. I think going on Thursday will keep me on track for longer. And now that I have people at the meetings that I am accountable to as well as all of you on line, I feel like it'll be better to go then. So I am really excited about this change! We'll see how it goes.

For now, I'm shooting for my next goal of 80 pounds. I'm going to go looking for Wii Active this weekend, the new add on to Wii Fit. I enjoy Wii Fit, but apparently Wii Active gives you a hell of a work out. I'm also going to dust off Mr. Simmons this weekend and get back into the swing of things. All easier without Leah around. I've got to start exercising when she's napping.

So that's it! I figure I'm at the halfway point to my goal--I wanted to lose about 150-160 pounds. I have my next physical scheduled with Dr. Leonard for September 25th and I'll consult with him about what he thinks I should be shooting for. Hope to see less of myself next week! :-)


Talmadge Gleck said...


And, as you can probably guess, I understand the "what-you-get-out-of-it" factor as pertains to WW meetings.

You've done amazing well, considering. But I think I've said that already ... oh well, it doesn't hurt saying it again.

Emtifah said...

Way to stay with it!

I may be dropping WW. This week they announced they are giving us 1 week notice that they are dropping my regular meeting and pushing it up 75 minutes earlier - making it near impossible for me to get there on time. And seeing as I don't really care for the other leaders in my area... or the Springfield center. It's really stressing.

But thank you for being such an inspiration.